New Site Launch: Kids’ Craft Kits!

Kids’ Craft Kits has craft kits, painting and drawing easels, art supplies, rainbow rubber band looms, pottery wheels and clay modeling molds, eraser making kits, and many other new and vintage crafting kits for kids at bargain… Read more

New Site Launch: Vintage & Collectible Barware

Vintage & Collectible Barware carries a great selection of antique cocktail glass sets, decanters, beer mugs, martini shakers, corkscrews and other collectible vintage bar paraphernalia…. Read more

Solution to Changes at eBay Search Causing Troubles

Toward the end of October, eBay decided to quit allowing the use of the asterisk as a “wildcard” search term. Throughout the computer age, the asterisk has been used to stand for “anything” so that a search for “box*” would return results with box,… Read more