Vintage Fish Fighting Chair

Vintage Fighting Chair

Vintage Fighting Chair

Some of the finest pieces of woodworking art I have seen aboard any boat have been fighting chairs. In the context of a half million dollar sportsfishing boat, I guess a chair worth thousands makes some sense. Or they may be the ultimate ego chairs.

Some are elaborate, with multiple rod holders and fancy adjustable seats and foot rests. Others are plain but powerful pieces of deck furniture, though that seems to be a thing of the past. Looking at recent sales in the course of building our boat seat site, I came across the vintage fighting chair at right. The listing says it is mahogany and brass and it sold for $650 in August of this year.

Now that’s a fighting chair! Big and sturdy, simple and strong. It even looks like the back rest angle is comfortable. One gimbal for fighting fish and no extraneous rod holders or anything else. I wonder whether it had a footrest attachment?


  1. Now that is just awesome!!